Natalie Schoon

Dr. Natalie Schoon, CFA is a principal consultant with Formabb Ltd and specialises in Risk Management, Capital Adequacy, and Islamic Finance. During her career she has worked with a number of financial institutions in a variety of locations globally.   

Islamic Banking and Finance

This book explains the principles of Islamic banking and finance. It then provides a guide to Islamic finance products such as istisna'a, murabaha,musharaka, mudaraba, ijara, sukuk and salam, so that the reader can understand the key concepts and main vocabulary of Islamic finance.

Paperback    £49.95
9781904905837 | Published: January 2010

Hardback    £125.00
9781904905110 | Published: January 2009

Electronic book text    £49.95
9781907444289 | Published: May 2010

Valuing Banks in Uncertain Times

The main question the book addresses is whether it is possible to determine the value of banks in general and Islamic banks in particular using generally available valuation models. But does this still hold in the current uncertain times?

Paperback    £49.95
9781907444043 | Published: December 2010

Hardback    £125.00
9781904905820 | Published: June 2009

Electronic book text    £49.95
9781904905998 | Published: May 2010

What's a bank worth?

This book provides a theoretical model for bank valuation, but also highlights the challenges in times of economic uncertainty. It consists of two parts: the first part outlines a theoretical model for bank valuation, and the second part looks into associated subjects such as behavioural aspects, responses to crisis and the prohibition of interest.

Paperback    £29.95
9781907444050 | Published: March 2012

Electronic book text    £29.95
ABC1907444210 | Published: March 2012